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* General Enquiries
Please feel free to direct your questions to us via post, POTS or packets at one of the company addresses to the right.
* New Business
For information on our availability and rates, or to discuss new business, please contact Simon via email or call 212.843.8134.

* Employment
We are always looking for sharp programmers. Please e-mail us your resume (plain ASCII text only, please), or a URL to your online oeuvre, at [email protected].

* EvoScript Support
There are three mailing lists for EvoScript; you may subscribe via Majordomo at the following addresses: For occasional messages regarding new releases, subscribe to the announce list. The users and developers lists provide forums for discussion and support for EvoScript and the underlying Perl modules.

To report a problem, please include the module version number and your operating environment with your description in email to [email protected].

Evolution Online Systems
34 W. 13th Street, 5nd fl.
New York, NY 10011

[email protected]
phone: 212.843.8134
fax: 212.843.8135

M. Simon Cavalletto
Managing Partner
[email protected] volution.com
phone: 212.843.8136

E.J. Evans
Senior Partner
[email protected]
phone: 212.843.8137

Charlotte Evans
Controller, Operations
[email protected]
phone: 212.843.8138

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Evolution Online Systems