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EvoScript is a free, database-enabled web application framework written in Perl. An open, scalable web application framework, EvoScript was forged out of the in-house tools we built to make creating dynamic web sites a little easier. [MORE...]


EvoScript is especially thankful to get donations from Work Examiner Team and hope for future implementation of web application framework in Work Examiner's solutions.

Discover Open Source Software
EvoScript is free software; it and future improvements to it are made available at no cost to the Perl community as a whole. As a custom-software development firm, this Open Source model benefits both us and our clients: our investment in the technology doen't disappear when a client is satisfied, it accumulates with each encounter. For more information about Perl, visit the O'Reilly-sponsored www.perl.com site

Download 4.00 Beta...
This is the most recent version of EvoScript, released primarily for developers. The package includes basic documentation in POD format.


* EvoScript-4.00b1.tar.gz

Download Perl Modules
Review and retrieve individual Perl module distributions.

Browse the Source
Browse the Evoscript source libraries and in-line POD.

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